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Since the beginning of the digital era in the late 1970s more and more digital technologies and especially social conversation tools were developed and evolved into important parts of our daily life. Today, one-out-of-three internet users in Germany has a facebook account, uploading, commenting and sharing content with others. The increase of social interactions and conversations online are slowly but surely changing the way of our communication and social behaviour.

My first experience with a personal computer was playing video games on the C64, an 8-bit home computer, my father bought for christmas when I was about 6 years old. Some of you may remember such cult games as Asteroids, Congo Bongo, Frogger, Lazy Jones, Pacman, Marble Madness or Summer Olympiade. A funny fact is that when I was born in January 1982 the C64 first got introduced by Commodore International.

A Kids‘ guide to the Internet from 1997 

Since those days, things have changed:

  • I’m happy to call a MacBook Air my own. I love the convenient handling, classic design and solid fabrication of Mac.
  • I prefer mobile devices, but I don’t have a smartphone as it is just too expensive for me.
  • I’m online most of the time.
  • I use Facebook, LinkedIn, XING, YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Skype, Wikipedia, Google and my Gmail account on a regular (daily) basis.

Social Conversation Prism by ethority

If I had to choose five social media channels I couldn’t go without, my favourites were:

E-Mail (Gmail): I definitely prefer communicating in written form via email, chat or short messages rather than making a phone call (depending on how quickly I need information)

Wikipedia: I love Wikipedia and it’s concept of a multilingual free-content online encyclopedia, it’s an important source of knowledge for me

Facebook: Most of my communication or social interaction takes place on FB. Although refusing social networks for a long time, I’ve finally got hooked by Facebook in 2010 and became an expert within few years (managed fanpages, developed a social advertising campaign, regular monitoring via FB insights, etc.) My FB account is mostly private, but I’m not only using it to keep in touch with my internationally spread network. By liking many fanpages, joining groups and attending events my personalized newsfeed provides me with up-to-date information on interesting issues and feeds me with various multimedia input by musicians and artists. For me, Facebook serves as a personalized newsletter

Skype: I use Skype regularly to communicate with my family in Switzerland

YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo: As I love to work with multimedia and always search for creative input, I have accounts on all of those platforms.

Which are your favourite social media channels and why? Do you think you could quit some of them?

Information Age, Digital Age

Digital footprint



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